China Health Investment (Beijing) Management Co., Ltd. was established in July 2016. The core values of company are proficiency and dependability. That is, the company has developed a solution portfolio that involves teams of medical experts, physicians, rehab professionals, IT specialists and customer service staff. The company aim to provide extensive medical consultation and 24/7 health management service, offering complete care solutions for high net-worth clients.

Service Procedure


Our company offers a variety types of online consultation, and the customer service agents are always ready to serve you.

Customer service agents will connect you with a health management specialist based on the information you provided. The health management specialist will customize a health management plan to best improve your health

Based on your needs, our professional teams recommend a health management specialist to provide you with one on one consultations. The specialist will tightly engage with you, continuously listening to your needs, monitoring your health progress, and customizing your management plan.

Our innovative data analysis engine continuously performs computation on the data collection, generating customized solution to allow health consultant to best serve our clients

We offer more than 70 types of home monitoring devices and wearable sensors that can collect your health data. The data will be automatically transmitted to our Cloud through our patented Home Data Gateway or your smart phone

Big Data Analysis

Our data analysis engine will perform real-time analysis on collected data.

Based on the data analysis and expert advice, we can come up an optimized health management plan.

Provide high-end health management programs for VIP clients.

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